Thursday, 23 August 2007

Quick Update

I thought it was about time I updated my blog. I've either been too busy, sick or away so this has fallen down on my list of things to do. Now to quickly post a small update. Richard and I went for a week of holiday to Cyprus Hills, Saskatchewan. This proved to be quite a trip and I plan to write more fully on it this weekend. Suffice it to say we don't think we will take such a long trip in such a short space of time again in the near future. Is that a sign of us getting older? I must admit this summer due to being sick so much I have felt like I've aged several years in just a few weeks.

On our first holiday I caught a virus which lasted a full month it seemed I had finally gotten clear of it only to come down with a cold last Friday that has pulled me down to a "poor me" mess this week. I try not to complain too much when I have a cold but this one really got to me. Whether it was because I had been sick with a virus for a month earlier in the summer or that I'm just plain run down, I complained so much that Richard told me I was sounding like a guy. I even left work early on Tuesday I felt so miserable, something I never do for just a cold. Finally the week is drawing to a close and I am feeling a lot better but I have so much work to catch up on I'm not sure where I shall begin. I've barely come near the computer all week, at least here at home, I work on a computer all day but that doesn't count. I have a ton of emails to catch up on and the bills have to be paid, the laundry needs to be done to say nothing of the weeding that I still have to do. Life continues at a hectic pace maybe even more so now I am older. That reminds me Mum always did say that as you get older time moves faster... I finally know what she meant.

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