Saturday, 20 September 2008

Proud Nanny to Zachary

Zachary Dallas Morland
September 12th; 7lbs 7ozs

Isn't he adorable! Smiley phoned late Friday evening to inform us of the birth of our new grandson. Evette had a tough time, Zachary had to be delivered by emergency C-section within four hours of her being induced. Zachary's heart rate was slowing and he needed to be delivered quickly. Due to the speed of his delivery Evette is suffering a lot of discomfort. They are both home and doing as well as a new Mum does when she brings her first child home.

Evette looks so good here that you wouldn't guess at the trauma she had so recently gone through. She looks lovely holding her first born son.

This is Zachary in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Cambridge Hospital. The tub is a feeding tub until Evette is up to nursing him herself.

I'm finding it really hard not being able to go and hold my new grandson and be there to help Evette. Actually she probably wouldn't want me there so soon after coming home from the hospital.

And not to forget the proud father. The similarities in Zachary to his father are very noticeable. Richard looks so comfortable holding his son here that you would never believe this is his first child.

The hardest part of all this is not being able to go and see my daughter and her son. Christmas is not too far away; Evette, Smiley and Zachary will fly out to Canada to spend time with us. Then they will fly to Victoria to spend time with her father. Actually Christmas does seem a long way of, but I know it will come soon.

I now know how my mother felt when Evette was born here in Canada and Mum in England. Now it's my turn to have a daughter giving birth in a different country from where I live. The world is small until you have a major event in your families life and then the distances once again are vast.

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Laura said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Thankfully this time of year goes by so quickly and Christmas will be here in no time! He will still be little...not crawling, so you will get to cuddle him all you want. What a wonderful blessing!