Thursday, 7 May 2009

Snow in May

Not only can you see the snow we had yesterday but you can also see our house. Two days ago we had temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius, today the temperature is -2 with snow on the ground. It matches how I'm feeling, I have my first cold in at least three years.

As you can see all the trees that we wanted removed are now history. The City came and took out the Maple by the house and pruned the three that are left. We still have the two Spruce in the front and another two in the back. The house should be able to breath and maybe the rot in the siding will slow down.

You would be amazed at how much brighter it is inside our home. No longer do we have that closed in feeling. Now we can see out the windows we plan to utilize the porch during the summer. Our couch, that would not fit inside the house, we will put on the porch through one of the side windows, which we can now access with the trees gone. The freezer we will move to the other side of the porch so we can utilize the larger window. We will fix the coffee table and put that out there in front of the couch, put a table cloth over the freezer so it can act as a table. Richards bike we will store in the basement or shed depending where it will fit.

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