Friday, 2 October 2009


I believe most people hate those calls that come during meal times or evenings. They used to try and sell you something or offer you a product but always with strings attached, or a survey that won't take very long. We were tired of telephone marketers so Richard and I decided to opt out of receiving such calls. We signed up for our phone number not to be called, so no longer would we get those annoying calls.

Little did we know things would get worse. That's right, worse. At least every other day, or so it appears we get a call which goes something like this:

"Can I speak to Veronica?" Ah; the first hint, only my mother and the government calls me Veronica.
The second hint: "You probably remember me as I phone you each year..." ummm! just a minute I've only been at this number for a few months (nine now).
The Third hint: : "I'm calling to tell you about a program... " aha! money is needed.
I very politely explain I cannot help.
"but this is for children, deaf people..." Do they not listen! I had politely told the party on the other end "No!" They continue on and do not apologize for bothering you or lying or disturbing you but carry on until you end up having to hang-up on them.

So what went wrong? We had signed up to NOT receive such calls, the catch, this sign up does not apply to charitable organizations or your own bank. That's correct. Now the regular telemarketers can no longer phone you the charitable organizations have filled that niche; just in case you were missing having those annoying calls.

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