Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Basement

I know... who wants to see a basement of a house but if I'm going to show you our new home you have see where our office/study/TV room will be.

Not a great picture but this is the back porch... as you see it needs some work. 

We turn from the back porch to face the rest of the stairs down.

Laundry area.. this washer and dryer is now in our old house and front loads are here.

The other side of the laundry area... the previous owner left us their fish tank

This is will be the office/study/TV room... basically the main room we will live in.

A three piece bathroom, so no need to run upstairs.

The boiler and water tank... and a small portion of work benches that will become our pantry.

There is another storage room and space under the stairs but not really much to see there.

So there you are the final piece of the tour.

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