Friday, 8 July 2011

The Garden as of Today July 8th

As I chatted with Lynda last weekend I was talking about what I was doing in the garden.  She said it would be better if I had posted pictures of what our garden looked like.  You have an idea about the inside of the house but not really anything about the outside.  That being said when I was too tired to do anymore in the garden I took these pictures, you will see we have a lot to do.

These three pictures of delphiniums are in the front of the house to the left of the front door, I spent part of the day pulling thistles and some weeds from this flower bed.  Actually there are as many weeds as there re delphiniums.  In the second picture is a spirea.

That was full when I had had enough of pulling weeds in the heat.  Having a white house means the sun reflects off and feels even hotter.

The day lilies are just beginning to bloom.  These really need thinning out, under neath we have found iris and other varieties of lilies.  As we walk up the side of the house you notice the peonies are almost finished.  These I will not be digging up as they take a few years to come back to blooming profusely.  The third picture in this series we are looking back and the 2 x 4's are lifting up the eaves troughing angled so the water would flow down to the downspout and not over flow and then seep into the basement.  So Evette sorry I chuckled over your temporary fix of your eaves trough we have one of our own.

This series shows part of our back yard.  The first picture is actually a small water feature that I am cleaning and resetting out to add my fountain.  By the side of the pond is a small tree that grows with the branches bending over and growing toward the ground, it needs to be pruned.  Also we are over run with goats beard, which is a ground cover that has infringed between the deck boards.  Because the east side of our double lot drops off steeply the deck extends to the property line so the slope is usable.  The last picture are my few annuals that I purchased on sale to add a bit of colour to the deck.

The first tree by the back porch is an elm, which we are not allowed to prune until early fall.  Also at the bottom of this elm is some sort of fruit tree.  Behind these is a very tall but contained lilac that will be cut at least half way down to encourage more blossoms next year.  The second picture over the top of the back porch are the maples that have to come down as they are against the house and the roots are infringing into the basement walls.

This is our second yard.  Against the garage wall are raspberry canes that hopefully will have fruit.  Then we have an apple tree not sure what type or whether the fruit will be edible.  What isn't shown are the trees behind the garage.  Another apple that probably will never bear fruit so will probably come down.  A small saskatoon bush and a bigger one hopefully these will bear fruit.

This would be classified as the bottom of the garden.  The first picture shows our first pile of hedging that we cut late spring.  The tree is one of the two large maples, and behind this tree are the two compost areas.  Then the shed where Richard has been piling stuff we don't know what to do with yet.

I've run into a technical problem more pictures still to come.

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