Sunday, 11 December 2011

Before & After

I just spent time catching up with my friends blog and one of her postings reminded me of something that I was going to post quite sometime ago.  The trouble was I wasn't happy with the pictures after they were taken. 

I have just looked at them again and decided well this is me, this is what I do six out of seven days a week sometimes all seven.  Now most times we don't look at people as close as these pictures are, but this is me.

Those that know me will know that I am self conscious of my receded lower jaw line, due to bad dentistry when I was in my early teens.  The dentist said I should have my back permanent molars removed to give me room in my mouth.  The only thing that did was to stop my jaw from growing in proportion to the rest of my face.  My teeth are crooked due to my jaw problems and wearing a lower splint 24/7 for a couple of years to save my mandibular joint, as I have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder).  I now only wear a splint at night just in case I grind my teeth.  I also now have very noticeable tilt to my head due to being rear ended twice in one week in 1989.

This is me when I first get up in the morning (my hair is not layered now) at least my hair was like this a few months ago.  My face always looks like this.  No eyelashes to talk off, spidery blood vessels around my nose and the shadows under my eyes.  I must say though my hair is my own colour, it does not come out of a bottle.  It does look darker than actually is in this picture but the grey doesn't really show, what grey I have.  I don't like this look so every morning depending on what I am wearing I use a selection of these product.

The three products at the back I use after washing my face; a toner, eye serum and moisturiser.  The others are the ones used on this particular day, it looks like I was wearing purple that day. The only item I never wear is lipstick, I may in the winter, wear a coloured lip gloss.


 Now I could have chosen any other one of these products, it depends on the clothes that I wear.  I've changed a few items and added some other items, but not much has changed since these pictures were taken.

This is me now ready for work or Church or just to go out.  A few years ago Evette told me I wore too much make up.  Maybe she is right.  But my nose is not red, the shadows under my eyes are gone, I have eyelashes and my hair has a small curl to it.

Laura you reminded me that I had done these pictures months ago.

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