Saturday, 15 February 2014

Kitchen Ceiling is Coming Down!

We had to take apart the faux beam in order to remove the rest of the plaster on the wall we have been working on.  What we saw under that beam did not make me happy.

Part of the ceiling was gone with a crack running out wards
Once I saw the crack running out into the ceiling, there is no way we could just patch and put back the faux beams.  We also realised that the faux beams were poorly erected and it would take a lot of work to put that same material back up.

We had the opportunity to l look back to 1951 and see the colours and wallpaper that were used in the remodel which explained the tile colour that was chosen.

Peachy-orange ceiling and bold coloured flowered wallpaper

Lots of bold colours beige, brown, muted green, etc. not sure I would paint a ceiling with such a dense colour.  We know the remodel was done in 1951 due to the papers we found stuffed in the side of the door frame to the back door.

Simpson's (Sears) 1951 Christmas Catalogue

Not easily seen but the year is 1951
The reason we began this renovation was the awful lime green walls, this was painted embossed paper.  The paper was coming off the walls in many places.  Just a reminder; this was just going to be a painting job; the walls and the cupboards.

Lime green we hated from the moment we saw the house
We love our home a bit of painting was nothing, you do not walk away from a house because of the colours someone else has chosen.  I digress; this is what the ceiling was like originally.

Faux beams would need a darker stain.

Light fixture would need to be replaced
We did not plan on removing all this, just change a few things.  This is where we are today.

Lathe removed showing an unknown product
That is the outside wall the lathe was attached to those thin pieces of strapping.  What ever that product is it is really warm and there is no draft coming through the wall.  

Yes... that is knob and tube in the ceiling

All the nails are removed
The pile of lathe grows as we pull more and more off the walls.  This will make great kindling for those fire-pits that many of our friends have.  We are hoping that the knob and tube is not live, our understanding is the home was rewired.  It may just be a case that they did not remove all the old wiring and we will be pulling dead wiring out of the walls and ceilings.  If it is live then time to call an electrician to rewire properly, this will cost us a few thousand dollars.

Faux beams barely held in place, just a few screws

The ceiling is coming down with the beams
As we pull more of the beams down we realise that the decision we have made was correct. 

Hidden junction box and plumbing
 We have found a hidden junction box, extra wires, plumbing that needs to be removed from upstairs. 

Not happy with this wiring and the line hanging down
Insulation - why is it sitting on the lathe

 This section of the ceiling will release insulation when we remove the lathe from the ceiling in this area.  It is from a boxed in area in the bedroom upstairs, which will mean opening up part of that bedroom to add fresh insulation.

Central venting chimney
We are not going to continue removing the cement and junk off this stack.  We have purchased the wood to build the frame to box it in and drywall over it, no more messy brick work.

Upper cupboard doors going to be switched out
 I don't like the style of cupboards so we are changing the doors; either cutting out the center and putting a straight line style panel or glass, depending on which cupboard.  We are adding another layer of cupboards above these.  With nine foot plus ceilings we are taking advantage of the extra room to add more storage.

Microwave/vent combination is going
This microwave is too low, all the vent does is blow everything back into the kitchen.  We are removing this piece of equipment placing in a proper vented hood to the outside or take that cupboard out and put in a vent that is more in keeping with the style of the house.  We are keeping the tiles on the wall, at least that is the current plan, but removing them from the counter tops, probably putting butcher block on the counters also replacing the sink and taps.  I want a farm style sink in white.

Lots more work than we ever imagined and this is just the kitchen.  Good job we don't mind taking our time and doing most of the work ourselves.  Plumbing and electrics are not part of our skills so we will have to get professionals for those things and permits. 

Another update sometime soon,

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