Thursday, 28 June 2007

My First Blog

OK... so I now have a blog... now what to say... let's see... we are currently camping... at least our motor home is parked at a camp ground in Grand Marais on the shores of Lake Superior. This has to be our favourite place to spend our vacations.

How can you not love a view like this?

I love walking around the camp grounds looking at all the different Motor Homes and dreaming that one day we will have one with slide-outs and all the uptodate fixtures. Don't get me wrong... I love our motor home even if it is a 1990 model. Considering we only use it for a total of four weeks in any given year why would I need something newer right now?

We have just spent a week down in Greenfield, Milwaukee with our friends The Koch's. We park our Motor Home outside their house for five or six days. From there we attend the Catachetical Symposium held on the Third Thursday and Friday of June each year. Aaron and Laura drive us to and from the symposium and other points of interest...

one of those being the Half Price Books shop. Here you see Richard just going into the shop.

I love the opening service at Peace Lutheran Church, Sussex which is held on the Wednesday Evening. After the service there is a reception. This is a chance for everyone to catch up on the previous year and also to meet new people and eat the wonderful spread provided by the Peace congregation.

After the symposium we usually head back north and shop in Duluth. This year we shopped in Greenfield instead, which meant the rest of our holiday could be spent at our favourite camp ground. Unfortunetely I have a cold which is in my lungs so I'm feeling pretty miserable, and the weather isn't that wonderful right now. Today we shall head into Grand Marais to window shop. On our way back this afternoon we will eat at the Angry Trout.

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Sketti said...

Yay! Welcome to Blogging! As for a name I'm not took me ages to think of something for me! 4 months I think it was! How about "Tastes like fried chicken" lol! I'll think...I'll also put a link from my blog to yours. x