Sunday, 1 July 2007

Vacations Over

This is our home away from home. We have been here in Grand Marais for a week and tomorrow morning we will be heading back home. The weather hasn't been the best Tuesday it rained, Wednesday was overcast, Thursday to Sunday the sun peaked out from the clouds. One day we went into town to buy groceries. On Saturday the sun came out to play and I took advantage of it, even with 30 protection on I still burned, actually I'm blotchy because the cream didn't go on evenly.

Sunday Pastor Dennis Schutte collected us for Church. When we first attended this Grand Marias congregation about three years ago it was a mission church. They were accepted into Lutheran Church-Missouri as Life In Christ Church and are now a small struggling congregation meeting in the town community centre each Sunday Morning at 9:00 am for Divine Service. We have made this a regular part of our June Vacation.

The last few days I've been able to sit outside and work on my cross-stitch picture which is almost finished, I just have to do the balance of the back stitching and then we can have it framed. This was the hardest picture I've done, it had a lot of quarter stitches and tons of back stitching. It has been worth all the effort, it is a lovely picture and will go well in our home with our nativity collection.

Our vacation has gone by fairly quickly as vacations are won't to do. It has been a good rest for both of us even though for this whole week I've had the most awful cold with lots of congestion. I pursuaded Richard to stay the extra day even though it will be quite hectic tomorrow once we are home. We have to make sure that everything I need for Tuesday morning is taken out of the motor home and into the house. For Tuesday once again will find me at my desk in the business office of the local hospital. All good holidays come to an end all to quickly.


Sketti said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a good vacation. Not long now till you come and see me!

Sounds like you had lovely weather while you were away...well, much nicer than we've had here in ages...I think I've forgotten what the sun looks like! x

Laura said...


Welcome to Blog World! I will enjoy checking in from time to time, then the year won't be so long. Glad to hear you made it back home and it looks like your are figuring everything out on your blog. Looks great!