Saturday, 7 July 2007


If there was a time when I was grateful for routine, this week was that time. The cold, or whatever it is, that I have (and now Richard has caught), since the 2nd week of my vacation, continues. I did not have the luxury of staying off work sick, in order to become completely healthy again. Tuesday morning found me back at my desk at the hospital working.

I find my job very stressful these days but I was never more grateful for the routine of part of that job, that is the Accounts Payables. Check the invoice make sure it's signed by the correct person, connect any back-up to said invoice, enter it into the computer to be payed asap. Many times during this past week I found myself on the brink of falling to sleep, which meant routine was necessary. There was nothing I had to do that required any deep thinking. This was good. I had two weeks of invoices and other paper work to work through and a cheque run to be made at the end of the week. I then proceeded to clear my desk of two weeks of paperwork that was routine. Next week I will put my mind to work.

Routine also follows at home. Arrive home from work, check e-mail, eat supper, fall asleep in chair, wake-up, go to bed, just about sums up the balance of each day. I shall be so glad when I once again feel healthy. So never knock routine.


Laura said...


I hope you are both feeling better soon! Maybe you need another vacation?!

Sketti said...

Sounds like you are in a rut. I know! You need something to liven up your life...say coming to England to see your facinating and beautiful daugher (Yes...that WOULD be me!)

Hope you're feeling better soon!