Sunday, 15 July 2007

What's in a name?

I've just been sitting here this evening pondering once more what to call my blog. I feel this name has to be me or at least represent me. It was suggested I play on my nick name... Ronnie... Ron Ron Ron but I'm not sure. Tonight I feel it should be something on the lines Ronnies Rumblings or Ronnies Ramblings and Rumblings... but I wonder if that would end up sounding more like Ronnies Grumblings and we don't do much in the way of rambling. I could on the other hand use my full name and call it Veronica's questions and answers... but no I think I still have to ponder on this more.

As of yet I haven't told too many people about my blog. I'm not sure that I'm really ready to have everyone see my thoughts of the moment. Doing a general blog about where we've been and what I've been up to would be fairly boring, interesting for those who know us but that's about all. My life is not that exciting. I work full time which takes most of my energy leaving me little left for the things I really want to do.

What do I truly like to do? I like to garden but the tiny black flies that bite so viciously here, and from which I swell up, make this impossible for me for any length of time without the need of protection from a full upper body bug jacket, which is basically a fine net which completely covers my head, face, arms, well my whole upper body. These jackets are so hot and then I over heat and suffer the rest of the day. I've been told that the black flies are at their worst in June but I have found that they bite me all summer long.

I also like to do cross stitch and petit point, and I have loads and loads of projects to do, but once home I just want to sit and veg-out not start concentrating on intricate patterns. My third love and probably my biggest passion is my BOXALL One Name Study. It seems though as soon as I get deep into researching a family and tracking down the lineage and trying to get my facts straight it's time to turn in for the night and the momentum is once again lost.

The need to work is not am option at the moment but the day will come when I can retire and put my mind and hands to the activities I really enjoy and want to do. For now I sit here and ponder... What do I call my blog?

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Sketti said...

Ronnie's Rumblings! HAHAHAHA! I would expect you to talk about how hungry you are all the time! lol! I'll get Smiley on the case...he's good at this sort of thing...after all...he did come up with my blog name...but that was after 3 or so months! We'll sort it out! x