Thursday, 22 May 2008

Events of Late

Time I wrote an update.

A week ago I did a Genealogy Presentation at our local library. There were six ladies who signed up for the event. My main focus was on One Name Studies, but I was soon side tracked with many questions. I found this a great change from work and will now be a regular once a month hands on genealogy session at the Library when the library is closed to regular patrons. This will enable us to have all the computers for those who attend to have access to the Internet, where I will instruct them in how to go forward (or should the be backward) with their research. I'm really looking forward to helping others with their Family researches.

I find I have very little time, (no that isn't quite true) it's energy I don't have, to do very much on my own BOXALL One Name Study. Other than keeping up with requests for help from those who find my name on the Guild of One Name Studies, or are told about my research. I do very little additional work for fresh research. I find working full-time has eaten into many of my favourite past-times. Genealogy being one of them.

Other than genealogy I have always enjoyed in the past,cross-stitch and knitting. You would think I would be knitting up a storm with two new grand children on the way, I have one blue sweater partially done and about 6 rows of a little white jacket. Very poor showings for my new grandchildren. As for cross-stitch, I would love to start a new project but will not allow myself to do so until the current nativity scene is complete, It's not as if there is a lot of work on it to do, all that is left is the back-stitching, but there is a lot of back-stitching and this picture has worked on black cloth so can be quite a strain on my eyes.

I come home from work, sit in my chair, in front of the TV; most evenings. On the week-ends I spend time on the computer catching up with e-mail and answering any requests for help and spending time with Richard. As the weather warms up I shall be out working in the garden which will mean even less time for my leisure crafts. Although we are beginning to wonder if the weather will ever truly warm up this year. We are still starting our days of temperatures around 0 degrees Cel., which isn't much fun for walking to work or working in the garden.

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