Sunday, 16 November 2008

The House is Ours

Our New Prince Albert Home

Front Door View

Our plans will be to remove the two ceders either side of the front door. Remove a lilac bush to the right of the house behind the spruce trees.

Side View

The spruce that is touching the house will be removed and also the elm on the side that has the power lines running through. All these trees have closed the house in and caused moss to grow on the roof. The flashing on the porch will have to be replaced with a flexible type of flashing so there is room for the porch to move during the cold weather.

Back view with shed and deck rails.

There is a lot of painting that has to be done outside but first the old paint needs to be scraped a sealant to be put on the wood then repainted.

This is the back Decks
There are some rotten boards to be replaced a set of steps also need replacing and more sealing and painting.
This is the living room
The fire place can not be used and has been closed up. We may eventually take the front tiles etc off and bring it back to the original fireplace but use a natural gas fire with a new flue placed up the chimney. The carpets will be removed in this room, the dining room and hall-way, it its place laminated boards in walnut colour will be layed.

The dining room
Other than the flooring this room we are going to leave as is. Unlike the living room the decor is livable and not too dirty.

Other than a good clean, the addition of appliances, repair or removal of the dishwasher as that one leaks, we will not be doing too much with the kitchen.

This is the porch.

There is no heat in this room so really a waste of space. As funds permit I would like to have this heated and open it up from the dinning room with french doors making it part of the house. For now it will just be a very large boot room.

The stairs to the second floor
The hallway will have the floor done and of course some fresh paint.

This is the upstairs landing

Again other than paint we will be living with this as it is, even the painting will not be done until next year.

One of the 3 bedrooms

All the bedrooms have this awful paneling on the walls and carpeting. For now we will live with this. The plan in the future is to remove the paneling and decide whether to repair the original plaster or put gyproc board on the walls, then paint. Remove all the carpets and replace with laminate board floors, using area rugs by the side of the beds.

So there you are, our new home. The ladies of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Prince Albert are going to clean the house, remove the carpets on the lower floor and arrange for the laminate boards to be laid. We should arrive the first week of December and take up residence.

We are really excited about our move but we still have all our packing yet to do. As I will be working up to November 28th most of the packing will fall on Richard's shoulders. We had one offer of help today from one of our church ladies here, I might just take her up on that offer.

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Laura said...

Wow! Things are going so fast! I am so happy for you two and the new congregation God has given Richard to serve. It looks like you will have many things to do to keep your days full...happy decorating! I know it will soon feel like home.

BTW....thanks for your beautiful note. I am so glad we can be a part of each others lives, even though we live so far away.