Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Boxes are Packed

The day is just about here. Yesterday we spent the whole day packing. Even with downsizing over the last couple of years we still have more boxes than you can imagine. I had help with the packing yesterday which I was so grateful for. By the time I fell into bed last night there wasn't a part of me that did not hurt.

All that is left to pack is my computer which Richard will put in it's boxes just as soon as I have finished today's list. First: read all messages of the last few days. Next: catch up on Evette's Blog and Laura's Blog. Then: write a quick blog... and this is it.

Our poor cats are in a dither as to what is going on. Their daily routine is no long there, their food and water are in the wrong bowls. Their comfy blankets packed away. To say nothing of all the boxes that are in their way.

Tomorrow the truck will be here to load all our worldly belongings. We will put all the liquids, food etc. in the motor home, the movers will not take any of these items. Most of our frozen food will have to be given away as the freezer in the motor home is very small.

Once the rooms are empty I will sweep them out and close the doors for the last time on this house that has been our home for five and a 3/4 years. Another chapter will start, in a new town, in a new house, this time a house that we have purchased. We have gone through many good byes. Friday I finished work, being unable to complete all that I wished to get done before my last day; but then work is never done.

Hopefully we haven't forgotten to do anything that needed to be done before we move from here. Medical records, Dental records, medications have all been handled. Cancelling the phone and Internet still have to be accomplished but we can do that tomorrow while the movers are loading everything.

We say good bye to Nipigon and within the next three days we should be in Prince Albert beginning another phase of the life God has mapped out for us.

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