Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Move Continued

Friday December 5th: we settled in at our Hosts home; which was our home away from our new home for the next four days. Determined to get some rest but also get our home ready for receiving our furniture. Basically this would mean painting a couple of the rooms. Lloyd from Redeemer Church would be helping us with the painting. Lloyd was one of many who had been helping with the various tasks that needed to be done at our new home before we could move in.

Saturday morning we headed out to do some shopping and then headed to our home to be. I was overwhelmed with how clean everywhere looked. If you remember from the pictures of the house it was in quite a sorry state. Several of the ladies from the church had been in a cleaned everywhere. The carpets had been removed and the floors ready to receive the laminated boards that we had chosen to replace the filthy carpets. The floors are lovely, the walnut colour looks very rich and was a great choice. As we went through the house we took note of all the wonderful work that the ladies and the men had done for us:
All the magnetic winter windows were in place.
The carpets steam cleaned.
Nails and screws and tacks etc. taken out of walls and walls patched.
Furnace and ducts cleaned.
Sink and faucet replaced in main floor washroom.
Appliances in their place from a Sears delivery.
I'm sure many other items of repair were all complete by the time we arrived.

All that was left for us to do was to paint the upstairs orange bedroom and the living room. We had gathered some colour chips and decided on the ones we liked ready to get paint the next day or Monday.

That was it for Saturday. Sunday afternoon we went to church. Monday with Lloyd's help we bought primer and began the job of painting the upstairs bedroom. In the afternoon we delivered the motor home to it's winter parking at a small farm south of PA. In the evening I headed to the Church for the LWML Christmas Dinner.

Tuesday Richard and I went to and bought the necessary paint for the two rooms. Lloyd was already working with the primer upstairs. We realized that a second coat would be required on the downstairs room. So off to supper we went, we had an invite from Neale and Janette. After supper we began with the second coat on the living room. Lloyd had finished the upstairs room which was now blue and had begun to help with the living room, which will be a mint green.

Tired but feeling well pleased with our work of the day we headed back to our hosts. Rowland greeted us at the door, he had been worried about us as they did not expect for us to return so late in the day. We had been given a key to their house and did not realise that they would be concerned about a late return. With many apologies we went to bed as the next day would be an early start the furniture was arriving the following day, Wednesday.

That is a whole new story.

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Laura said...

It is good to finally have some word of how you are doing. I have been thinking about you! Those ladies taking care of your place brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like a good beginning. Can't wait to hear the next story.