Friday, 20 March 2009

5 Pin Bowling

On Sunday the congregation had an afternoon out to 5 pin bowl and pizza afterwards. Richard signed us both up for the fun.

I have not been 5 pin bowling since my kids left to live with their father. Of course I had two good legs back then. Also back then I would pride myself in not being too bad a bowler.

Bowling today is quite a challenge (different from bowling in our living room on the Wii too!). The first hurdle was finding bowling shoes that would fit my prosthesis, no success so they allowed me to wear a clean pair of runners that I brought with me. Verna had mixed up the teams really well, I was with Merv, Mark and Sheila. The two guys were obviously fairly good especially Merv who bowled a 232 on his second game this also was the high score of the afternoon. Sheila and I were fairly evenly matched although by the third game she did a lot better than me.

It was weird not being able to do my old stride forward and let the ball go. I had to walk to the edge of the alley, take a deep breath to focus my mind, aim, and then throw the bowling ball. I couldn't get the correct balance at all, by the third game I was over compensating for my lack of balance first right then left, gutters that is. I only managed one strike and no spare on all three games. I was disappointed I could not break 100.

I'm still proud of the fact that I went out and bowled. I didn't just watch because of my amputation, I actually participated. The time after the bowling was great, sharing pizza with everyone who came out. Richard took some time out to teach the teens how to play pool or billiards, not sure which one, they had a blast. This was a good Sunday afternoon of entertainment with our new church family and I look forward to many more.

Sorry there are no pictures but Richard and I forgot to bring our camera and I guess everyone else did to, so no pictures of the wild event.

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