Tuesday, 30 June 2009

10th Anniversary

Richard has been a Pastor for ten years and our congregation celebrated with him by having a special luncheon. It was not possible for this to be a surprise as Richard does the bulletins each week and it was requested that he put an announcement in the Bulletin for this occasion.

As you see Richard is sitting in a chair while Brian Maier read the small devotion that is printed in the Lectionary for such an occasion. Just as a Candidate on the occasion of his Ordination sits on a chair in front of the congregation it was only fitting that Richard should once more sit on that chair during the devotion.

Unknown to Richard our Lutheran Life (Faith Life) chapter of the congregation wrote to Faith Life to inform them that their Pastor was celebrating his tenth anniversary. In recognition of this faith Life sent a cheque to be presented to Richard at this celebration. What a wonderful surprise. Brian Poir did the presentation.

Brian had a few more words to say then he past things to Pat Rocheleau.

Pat asked me to come forward where she presented me with a tray of annual plants for our garden in acknowledgment of my support to my husband and his ministry these past ten years.

And of course you cannot have a celebration without a cake. To add to the memories Verna did not know how to spell our last name. She did not realise that like her last name begins with 'sch' our's ends with it in true German form.

Pastor cut his cake, it was his special celebration so he cut the cake alone.

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