Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Church Programs Wrap-up for the Summer

I have never truly got used to Church programs stopping during the summer. You would think after all these years in Canada I would understand that summer time means holiday time. Our congregation has several groups; the voters meeting (which usually consists of the council and committee leaders) held their last meeting in June and will not have another one now until September.

Next to wrap-up for the summer were the Golden Agers. We were invited to have a picnic at Hilda's acreage. The day was a little on the windy side but several of us ventured outside to play bocce ball and another fun game, which was new to me, Bolo Toss or Ladder Golf;
Several of us also took time to walk around Hilda's property admiring the many different plants and trees.

We picnicked inside on lawn chairs as it was a little too windy for most of the seniors to sit outside. There were a few brave ones, mainly the men, who sat on the deck. I joined the ladies inside as you can see. I still have my hat on, by now I was suffering from 'hat head' after being outside playing games.

We managed to tire Richard out and here you see him having 40 winks. The ladies thought that was funny and teased him just a little.

The last order of the day was to have cake and ice-cream. As I've said before you can't have a celebration with out a cake. They celebrated everyone's birthday that fell during January to June. We also gave special recognition to those who have not missed a Golden Agers gathering from September 2008 to June 2009.

The next group to wrap things up for the summer were the LWML. The ladies met at the church for supper which was catered so everyone could sit and enjoy the evening.

Here are just a few enjoying their meal. After we had eating we shared stories about our lives and had some fun with jokes and humourous articles that Gerdie had found. Pat brought everything to a close with a responsive Bible reading, songs and prayer.

These are our LWML ladies who will meet again in September. While the ladies were having their time together at the church Pastor invited the men to our home for an impromptu men's gathering where they drank beer, ate junk food and after a game of ring golf outside they watched Richard's sport highlight tapes that he has made over the years. I gather they had a good time although no pictures were taken.

The one event I am so happy will continue is the Sunday morning Bible Study. There are members who will not attend just because they aren't used to having Bible Study in the summer so our numbers are down but what a lot we are learning as Pastor opens up the parables to us.

Summer is here and families do many things together, but let us not forget that Christ should be first and foremost in our lives and Sunday Services will continue as they should.

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