Monday, 3 August 2009

What happened on the way home!

Once Richards nose is pointed t0wards home he drives as long as he is able, which is, more often than not, the rest of the way with very small breaks for snacks, bathroom and maybe a catnap. He will also work out a route that would miss major cities and lots of traffic.

Richard arrived home on Thursday morning at 8:30. He had dropped Aunt Moneca off, at her home in Salmon Arm, B.C., at Noon on the Wednesday. In theory he should not have been home until late Thursday afternoon.

This trip was true to form instead of using the major highways he took the less traveled ones, which didn't matter until he reach Saskatchewan. He decided to use highway 3 and reach Prince Albert from the north. What he didn't know was there was road works on that highway. He made a decision which proved to be a bad one for our vehicle.

I gather as he turned onto highway 3 there were three pilons across the road, which only left one small open lane on the opposite side of the road. There were no signs to give him any details, the one side was quite a bit higher than the other so his thoughts were the pilons were to indicate the difference in road height. There were tracks on the right side so he moved over to the right side so he wasn't driving towards oncoming traffic. The road surface felt weird but he figured that it had been oiled to keep the dust down. This was quite a long stretch and several vehicles passed coming from the other direction which would have meant he would still have had to move over to the right of the road.

To cut a long story short our car is now covered in tar, not a few splatters of tar, but a thick layer at the bottom and splattering up to the windows especially on the drivers side. you will see from the pictures, our car is black so it is a little difficult to tell. Let me just say that our hubcaps are not black but a mat silver.

This is the passenger side hubcaps are the correct colour but look at the lower section of door, see how black it is and the bottom of the bumper.

This is the drivers side, I know it looks very clean but that intense black is tar, check out the hubcaps and tire, the bumper and back light, all this is tar. The splatters are on the windows.

Here is a closer look at the back tire. We have yet to get an estimate on having this mess cleaned off but we believe it will be between $500 - $1,000.

The lesson here, it does not always pay to go the fastest and less traveled route.

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