Tuesday, 1 September 2009

We are now into September and still nothing much has happened to write about. Last Friday I went for an interview, which I though went really well. It was an accounting position at a non-profit group who build and rent low rental units and are involved in various other activities. They are linked with the Habitat recycle shop, the Community Kitchens, and handle grant moneys for organizations that are not incorporated. I think it would be a good fit for me.

Looking for work when you have so much experience is tough. People don't want to pay a really experienced person, they only want to hire individuals with minimal experience. I don't even get phone calls to see if I would be interested. The other downside to looking for work here is they offer below average salaries, which means taking a cut in pay if I do get offered a job.

I do have lots to keep me busy at home though. Trying to keep the yard looking presentable without starting any new flowerbeds is hard work. Not the starting flowerbeds is easy. The lawn, if you can call it that, gets too long for our push mower which means once we've mowed I then have to go round and pull out the weeds that did not get cut because they were too high. We all know that weeds grow far faster than the grass. I would love to have the funds to rip the whole of the yard out and start again but there really isn't any point to doing that until we decide what to will do with the front porch.

The front porch needs leveling and does not have any proper footings. Putting footings under an existing porch will be hard. We are now considering ripping out the existing closed in porch to put up an open porch that would have the illusion of being a wrap around. If we do that where will the freezer live? We could purchase two smaller freezers to put in the basement and sell our large one, unless anyone can come up with a plan on how to get the large one into the basement. Once we have decided on the porch we then have to change the siding and we have no idea what is under the old wood siding. Landscaping will have to wait until we sort these two things out.

Keeping up with the house work is also very hard. With no air conditioning and sealed windows on the main floor, so no cross breeze, it isn't long before I am dripping and exhausted. Richard does the upstairs because there are carpets up there and it is too hard for me to vacuum.

The other things I have that can keep me busy are my many sewing projects that need doing, and of course there is always work to be done on my One Name Study. I recently finished transcribing all the entries in the USA 1930 Census for my BOXALL and variant name.

So there you have it although I haven't had any offers for work I do have enough to keep my days pretty full.

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