Saturday, 23 January 2010


I'm not sure if it is old age creeping up faster than I would like or that I am very tired constantly these days. I appear to be forgetting commitments in the evenings more often than ever before.

I agreed to assist with making the two banners for the congregations 50th Anniversary, which is in May. Before Christmas I went shopping with Gloria and we purchased the majority of the material that we would need. Last Wednesday, after the Anniversary Committee meeting Gloria and I stayed behind to draw the pattern. So far everything is working to schedule.

Last Sunday Gloria and I chatted and decided that on the next few Wednesday evenings we would meet at the Church, with anyone else who would like to assist, and do some work on the banners. This past Wednesday was the first one and I forgot. I had it written in my day-timer, but by the time I arrived home, had supper I had forgotten my commitment to go to the Church for banner making. Actually I didn't remember again until last night, when I went to bed it dawned on me that on Wednesday I had not gone to the Church.

Needless to say I feel really bad about the whole situation and this morning phoned Gloria to apologize, she was not home so I chatted with Bryan but he seem reticent about the whole thing or maybe didn't want to be involved. I asked him to pass my apologies on and I would see Gloria in Church on Sunday. No matter how tired I am if I say I will assist with a project unless there is some emergency I will be there.

I am puzzled though. Why did Gloria not phone me from the church to see if I was coming or to see if there was a problem and I couldn't get there. Actually I have not received a call to see if there was a problem or if I was unwell. I am absolutely puzzled as to the reason for the lack of a phone call. If it had been reversed I would have phoned, if not that evening, the next day to ensure the person was not ill or had an emergency. So am I missing something? Am I expecting too much of people? Is it just because I'm the Pastor's wife that I wasn't phoned? Or don't people do that these days and just think the worst?

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