Saturday, 21 August 2010

God at Work in our Congregation

Around Easter time we had several visitors attend our services.  One couple in particular are planning to be married by a LC~C Pastor but required instruction before he would preside over their wedding.  As they live here in Prince Albert the Pastor suggested they approach Pastor Mensch (Richard) and attend Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Ron and Michelle have been attending services and Bible study each Sunday since that time.  Richard has provided them with catecheticle instruction.  Ron has never been a church goer and never been baptized, Michelle is baptized and been a member of an other denomination.  What a joy it has been over the past months to see the spiritual growth in both Ron and Michelle as they have not only received instruction but attended services and Bible study on a regular basis.

On August 1st Ron was baptized.  It is always a wonderful miracle to see a baby receive the gift of faith through baptism but it is awesome when that miracle is shown in an adult through baptism.  The joy on Ron's face as Pastor Mensch baptized him was wonderful.  Once Ron was baptized both he and Michelle were confirmed and received into membership of Redeemer Lutheran Church and Lutheran Church~Canada.

This is the cake Michelle made for her Fiance which we shared during the coffee fellowship after the worship service.

In a few weeks they will become one as they are joined in marriage.

We had no need of special programs or music just pure Word and Sacrament and God's Kingdom here on earth grew by two.  That same Easter week-end brought another visitor to our congregation who is also now taking Catachetical instruction from Pastor Mensch.  Unlike Ron and Michelle she had no suggestions given to her to attend Redeemer Lutheran Church but just joined us at Easter and after attending a few other denominations she returned to our small Church family and is attending regularly.

Christ is always at work in us as we serve others through our vocations.  God does not need our special programs and music.  All that is required is that we remain faithful to His Word and Sacraments and it is His hand at work not ours.

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