Monday, 25 October 2010

Too Stressed

I can't believe that a month has gone by without writing anything.  I've had a few ideas lately but not acted on them.   One was to begin writing my childhood memories another was just to do a daily stream but nothing has been produced. 

Just to bring you up to date.  Richard finally had his hernia surgery last week, surgery he had been waiting for two years.  Instead of one hernia perforation he had two that were wide open so ended up on the table a lot longer than expected.  He had a consult today and although his stitches were not ready to come out he is healing OK.  It may take him nearly three months to really heal because of the extensive damage that had to be repaired but he'll heal fine.

What is the other stress well I don't have any answers but I do finally have another appointment with a new surgeon this time in Saskatoon.  One of his specialties is oncology so I should be in good hands and just maybe there will be no more messing around.  So I hope that within the next few weeks hopefully I should have had a biopsy and know the results.

Yes stress is high and I'm extremely tired, loosing weight, and have very little energy.  I go to work, come home, eat, watch a little TV and head to bed.

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Laura said...

You are certainly going through a rough patch right now. I pray that you find answers to the things that cause you stress and some relief from that stress, soon. Glad to hear you are with a new doctor that may be able to address your needs in a more timely fashion and with greater knowledge. Keep trying to just take care of yourself, right now...God grant you peace in the coming days, dear friend.