Sunday, 13 February 2011

The house is now staged

So this is how our home looks now it has been decluttered, cleaned and staged.  I still have to get pictures of the living room I guess it was a bit messy at the time I took these pictures.  We did some room switching upstairs, the master bedroom is no longer the office the smallest bedroom is.

Those are of the master bedroom.

The blue room... the top sheet is now tucked back under the duvet and the cat blanket is on the corner.

A hard room to get a full picture of, the third bedroom know the office (it did have a queen size bed in here).

Small bathrooms are always hard to photograph.  We put new flooring down, it is burgundy and we have a burgundy shower curtain behind the white one (thank's Evette for the idea).

Upstairs landing

The stairs repainted

What you see when you walk in the front door

Through the porch

The dinning room

Front entry from the kitchen doorway

The kitchen with it's new flooring

Smallest room in the house

Sorry no living room pictures or basement.  More pictures to follow later.


Laura said...

You did some nice things with the place! Remember moving in? I hope things fall into place for the next house the pictures!

Ronnie said...

Thanks Laura. I just hope it isn't as cold when we move. -40 Celsius is no fun moving furniture into a house. They have shown the house and it will be shown again tomorrow.