Thursday, 17 March 2011

Living Room & Dinning Room Staged

So I have finally managed to get pictures of the last two rooms of our home before we messed them up again.

 Looking into the dinning room

The other side looking towards the fireplace

This is where we spend our evenings and where our babies spend their day

Here is another view of the kitchen and pictures of the basement now it's fixed up and cleaned.

 The other side of the kitchen

The next lot of pictures are of the basement.

 Laundry Room and tool collection

 Cleaned up furnace room

 Our main storage area in basement

 The Pantry

 The basement stairs clean and tidy

So that it is our home when we know a realtor is bringing someone to view.  It took about a month to get it looking this good and is a lot of work keeping it this way.

We have purchased our new home and I have pictures to post for you to see... we have 90 DAYS not months to sell or we loose the option to roll over the mortgage into the new one without a large penalty.

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