Saturday, 26 March 2011

Welcome to our new home

Not quite a home yet as we need to move... for now we call it the house and where we live is our home.

Welcome!  We will close the front door to keep the warmth in.
Yes this is the push panel on the inside door (probably a newer addition) and the older hardware.
The parson's bench, a nice place to sit and take off your shoes.
Yes, your eyes are drawn upwards to the 10 foot ceilings with their crown molding.

First let us head into the kitchen and put on the kettle.

(We are going to swap the range for the one in our home.)

From here we will head to the dinning room.
As we turn right to head past the front door into the living room.
You noticed the doors to the library.  Although the fireplaces are wood burning the house is too old for us to use them so we will eventually change them to gas fires.

(There is a picture missing, sorry I forgot to show you the ceiling in this room.)
Not much to see other than a lot of wires, this has been used as an office but I believe we shall use it as our games room and set up our Wii to use here.

And of course the Ceiling

I'm sorry we have no chairs or table to sit and have that cup of tea.   There is one other room on the main floor.  When the house was built it would have been the breakfast room it is now a bathroom.

You may have noticed that the old radiators have been replaced in some of the rooms.
And of course what would a bathroom be if it didn't have a fireplace!

That is correct, when they changed the room to a bathroom with  a sunken jet tub the fireplace was kept.

So there you have our main floor, I'm so sorry there isn't time to see upstairs but come again soon and we will tour the upstairs.

Oh I'm sorry, I see the Parson has found the parson's bench!

Thank you for visiting.  The door knocker worked great so please feel free to use it again.


Laura said...

Yay! Looks like lots of fun and has lots of space! Would love to join you for tea...if you didn't live a gazillion miles to the north of us! :) Looking forward to the 2nd floor!

Sketti said...

More! I want to see more please! btw, we take possession tomorrow on our house!