Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Our Home (2)

A few more pictures to show you all.

Isn't this lovely?  Richard spent a good part of a day cleaning all the light fixtures and brought out the beauty of all the old light fixtures

We are now in the room off the Parlour, this is the far corner; two handy chairs and Grandpa Steene's piano bench ready and waiting for people to start playing games

Some family treasures on the shelves between the chairs; top shelf Lynda's early craft project and last years Christmas gift from her two boys;  3rd shelf contains gifts from Evette and Ian when they were youngsters.

This is the other end of the room and of course our nativity collection with the picture of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Bruce, Alberta where Richard was a Vicar.

The hall looking towards the parsons bench and a book-case with our photograph albums.

Richard's collection of Uncle John's Readers

The oil painting that Aunt Monica gave Richard and the shell animals made my his Grandma Emma Mensch

The vanity which will eventually be removed as will the sunken bath tub.

Oops... that's the wall in the hall again; three of my petit point pictures that I kept

Time I headed for bed.  We'll take the stairs another day.  I hope you enjoy seeing the items that make this house our home.


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