Saturday, 15 October 2011

Our Home

I know you have all been waiting for picture of how the house looks now we are settled so a few pictures to start with... just a few though I have to keep you in suspense.  Actually there are loads of pictures so I will post a few at a time... I promise.  All the picture were taken the evening before our Congregations Progressive supper and Home Blessings.

These first ones are the dining room

Finally my china is on display, Richard had never actually seen it.

We changed out the wall sconces and are so happy with these and our three miniature oil on wood paintings from Lithuania

Our Front Parlor

As you can see Wyneken likes our rustic coffee table with it's end cushions Katie will quite often take the other cushion

I was hoping the wood inlay picture above the fireplace would show but the flash reflected, we removed that awful fire screen and cleaned the old electric fire, which has no where to plug into.

My piano after a good clean and the water colour by Sir Wm Boxall, and of course Richard's container ready with his stuff for church in the morning.

The Kitchen hasn't changed much other than it's tidy and a bit more of the wallpaper has been pulled off.

The Old Jam Cupboard where it is meant to be.

The replacement light fixture which I like so much more than the other one that was in here.

And of course Katie's favourite place asking for food as usual, she isn't as fat anymore.

So there you are a few of the main floor rooms.  I must say though we don't spend much time in them we are more often down in the basement where our actual 'living room' is.  So I am hoping that all these pictures stay here on the download page they still show as downloading.  

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Laura said...

Beautiful! Love the added charm to the rooms in the woodwork, colors and lighting. Ready to see the whole house! :)