Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saying good bye to our motor home

The decision has been made to sell our current motor home.  I will be sad to see it go as it has meant freedom to travel and take our two cats with us.  We will be purchasing a new unit, but probably not a Class A, although we both love these units we just can not afford to buy a new enough model to cut down on the costs of repairs.  We have decided to begin looking for a fifth wheel unit and truck, this will mean that we will always have a vehicle with us to go and see the sites where ever we are parked and not have to move a big motor home in the process.  It does make far more sense but I love having a mini home on wheels that I can get up and use the bathroom, go to the fridge for a cold drink or something to eat, without having to stop in our travels to do so.  We can still take our two cats with us not sure about the logistics, whether they will be in the truck with us or in the fifth wheel unit.

Of course it will mean we can't afford a new unit so it will have to be older but they are a fraction of the price of a large Class A motor home, the truck will be the costly part, but this will give us a second vehicle, no more having to decide who gets the car on which days.  It is a shame because it means an additional outlay of funds when we really wanted to use any extra money to start renovations on our lovely home.

So this is what we are selling:

If only everything was working correctly we would keep this vehicle.  Neither of us can justify paying out anymore funds to fix the problems that are now in need of repair.  The layout of this unit has been ideal for me when I don't have my prosthetic leg on I can get to the bathroom and then to the kitchen area by just holding onto items, which has meant no having to put my leg on in the middle of the night.  I love this rig and it has served us well for almost ten years.  It is a shame the previous (original) owners did so many cheap repairs to the point of making it difficult for Richard to be able to fix things.  We put a lot of money into the unit but there comes a time when we have to say no more.

We have been offered the opportunity to purchase another unit in this class but he is asking more than we are willing to pay and would mean yet another loan.  We haven't gone to see the unit because chances are we would fall in love with it and buy it anyway.  Not sure we will have anything to use for next year so we may just stay home and work on the yard and get the things done to finish at least tidying up the gardens and flower beds until I can decide what I want in the way of landscaping... but that is a whole new blog.

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