Monday, 9 July 2012

No Stress Vacation!!

At least that was the plan.  After deciding that with the rush to the coast to our daughter's graduation a the beginning of June we would not then rush around to make it to our friends son's wedding in Custer, SD at the end of June.  As much as this disappointed me, it really did make sense.  The motor home was not yet out of storage and Richard had another funeral.  One of our long time shut-ins past away so everything else was put on hold.

The week before we were due to leave for South Dakota Richard finally went to collect the motor home.  There would not have been time to clean and pack before Wednesday, so the disappointing decision was final.  Our Vacation would begin once Richard had prepared for his full four weeks of vacation.  Yes, Richard for the first time since becoming a Pastor, would take his full vacation at one time.  He does have more than this banked as he really has not taken any holidays since June 2009, which was the last trip we made to Milwaukee, WI and then to Grand Marais, for a weeks break.  The plan originally was to head to Custer, SD for the wedding and then meander our way back home.

We did not leave until Sunday July 1st, it had taken three days to load the motor home when usually we can do it in a matter of hours.  We were so disorganised, far more so than ever before.  The plan was to get across the boarder and find a place to stay before headlights were required, as ours do not work.  We found a great little camp ground in Plentywood, Montana.  We had 30 amp hook up and water but no sewer, and a great crowd of Canadians from Regina who have been coming to that spot for over 20 years.  They had celebrated Canada Day with one of the locals cooking them a wonderful pork meal and the ladies of the group supplying other foods... we arrived too late for that celebration.  We decided to stay another night there and Richard would head into town to buy supplies but especially cat food.  

No, we did not forget to bring our babies their food but at the boarder crossing when we declared the cats they wanted to know if we had pet food, where was it manufactured, we didn't know as we did not have the bag with us.  They were sorry but they had to remove what we had and dispose of it as only pet food made in USA could be brought across the boarder.  We had nothing to feed Wynakin and Katie until Richard could go into town for supplies.  The next day he got his bike out and headed to the stores to shop.  Now we needed food for us too, and of course Richard required beer besides the large bag of cat food.  There was no way he was going to be able to carry all that on his bike.  He popped into the local Lutheran Church met the Pastor and the Pastor dropped our shopping off at the motor home.

The following day we headed towards Minot... we had been on the road most of the day and about 20 miles out of Minot I happened to look on the floor near the drivers chair.  Oh my goodness, that really looks as if the carpet is burning.  I pointed it out to Richard, he felt the area, it was pretty warm, so he pulled off the road onto the shoulder, sure enough the carpet was smouldering, we poured a ton of water on it and began looking for a camp ground:

 This is the area that was smouldering, Richard believes the engine was so hot that a piece of the carpet was touching it and started to smoulder.  Probably had been on the road for about 6 hours and the weather is really hot.

 The Roughriders Good Sam RV Park's billboard was just up ahead within 5 miles, closer than the KOA one which was about 15 miles.  With a possible major problem we chose the Roughriders and here we are parked until Thursday morning, when we start for home.

This was our second spot as we could only stay in the first one for the one night but we planned to go shopping in Minot's JC Pennys.  We decided to book into this camp ground though for 7 nights so Richard made those arrangements and this is where we have been sitting since we got back from our shopping spree.

Besides shopping I also decided I had had enough of my hair and booked an appointment to have it cut while Richard went off and did his own shopping.

I noticed it isn't quite as even as I would have liked but if I learn how to do that little flip under with the flat iron it should be fine, plus she has cut it to comb to the opposite side.  The hairdresser says my hair lays more evenly that way because my right ear sticks out more than the left so my hair looks even combing it to the left.  Depends if it drives me nuts keep falling into my face.

How Richard is getting through the really hot afternoons... taking a rest and sleeping through the hottest part of the day.  Today was even hotter so the a/c was on the majority of the day. 

Once Richard was up and about Wes came over and between him and Richard they at least got the headlights working.  Not the high beams but at least we don't have to worry about travelling at night.  The water heater and fridge gas problems are probably couplings (at least I think that is what they are called) that need replacing and not something Richard or Wes can do.

It is time to start looking for a new rig and this time I think it will be a fifth wheel and a truck.  Not sure out adventure has ended this year but I do hope so.

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