Saturday, 23 March 2013

How Long Does it Take to Unpack?

Richard and I have lived in our home for almost two years and I have been promised that I could unpack my thimble collection 'soon'.  That 'soon' finally came and Richard hung my little shelves and for about a week I unpacked and added thimbles to them, I still have room for a few more. 

I had forgotten how many different places my daughter, Evette, had visited while she was living in England.  I had also forgotten that Richard and I also had visited quite a few different places over the years.  The collection is now out and ready to collect dust, of which there will be a lot as you can not renovate without adding a lot of dust to your home.

This is how they are arranged on the wall, around an oil painting that I like.

I believe I picked this wooden shelf unit up at a yard sale and it works well for the various sizes and shapes that the thimbles come in.  On the top shelf are two miniature totem  poles that I do believe Evette and Ian purchased for me when they were little.  On the second shelf down on the right is a miniature church that I do believe Richard and I purchased when we were both in England.

The little house came from my Mum as a Christmas gift many years ago and there is a piece of unpolished amethyst in the centre, a piece of crystal rock top left, under that a polished red-brown rock.  In the middle bottom row is a miniature badger, I don't recall where that came from. The other thimble shelf has little pegs for the thimbles to sit over and this I think was my Mum's and all those thimbles are a small portion of the ones Evette and Smiley have sent me over the years they have been together.

The painting is one done by an Australian; E. Thomas, that was at the SPCA's auction last year.  Richard went on the first day and he said there were several and he liked this one the best.  I was shocked that he did not grab them all, having original oil paintings rather than prints on the wall is a bonus.  He did go back to see if there were any left sadly they were all gone.  This years auction I shall take the Friday off work to go with him.  I do agree with him, it is a lovely painting.

And the answer to the question 'How long does it take to unpack?' for ever because there are still totes and boxes that have not yet been unpacked.

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