Monday, 15 July 2013

Unexpected Day Off

It is Monday morning and the day began as most week-days.  The alarm went off at 5:30 am (I must admit) I struggled to actually get moving this morning.  I got up, dressed for work, prepared my lunch and breakfast.  Then headed into the office. 

Once my computer was up and running I checked the calender, my boss was not going to be in at least for today and tomorrow and maybe not Wednesday either.  I had one file on my desk which took maybe 15 minutes to complete.  Wasn't sure what I was going to do the rest of the day.  Tried to reach a client but they must be away.  Asked one of my fellow employees if he had work, he was in the same boat as me.  It is unusual for us to have absolutely nothing for both Sr.Staff Accountants (Dan and myself).  

The person came and told me that I was to phone my boss and ask him if he had work for me, if not, I was to take the day off.  I hate it that I was not phoned directly by the main boss but told by someone else.  Anyway he did phone me after I had phoned Richard to come and get me.  He had thought of a job for me but I had already dealt with the client in question and arranged for them to come in tomorrow.

When I am at home I am not earning a wage (we are paid hourly) so I use banked time to make it up, trouble is I don't have much in the way of banked time.  Anything I work over 160 hours a month is banked so I draw on that for these missing days.  As I've already requested Fridays off (due to my health) when we aren't busy, it means I don't have too much wiggle room for forced days off.

Oh well!  I shall look on the bright side.  I have more flowers to plant in the garden and I still need to rest after the garage sale we had on Saturday.  So a nap now and in the garden later.

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