Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Renovations; On hold... sort of.

Not the best title but really there is not much more to report.  We mapped out all the electrical and what additional receptacles we need.  We have discussed the layout of the kitchen.  The bathroom is smaller than we realized because we want to retain the original fireplace and that takes up the majority of one side.  We have a window that fills another side.  Then of course there is the doorway on the third wall and radiator on the last wall.

The plan now is to get quotes from a general contractor, electrician and plumber, that is the holdup.  Richard is supposed to be phoning various individuals that we have obtained the names for, but it does not appear to be a high priority on his list.  He did phone the plumber but has not heard back from him.

In the mean time we are working outside in the garden... but that is another blog, for another day.

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