Tuesday, 12 August 2008


The Flower of the Day

Hemp Nettle

Here I am. The question is: are we squatters or campers?

We have one of the prime sites and the first place we always check when we arrive in Grand Marais. When we arrived on Sunday we drove down to the front and bingo this sight was open; we moved in; you have to just love this view of Lake Superior! (Picture taken from beside the door of our motor home.)

The weather was lovely and I took the whole day to just sit outside and knit. What am I knitting? Let's see it's baby blue, does that mean it's for a grandson?

Katie loves to look out the door of the Motor home; she would not venture out even if we allowed her to; she is a true scaredy-Kat.

Just a short walk from our parking spot is this view of the Grand Marais Harbour.

The first picture is a misnomer, the camp ground is lovely, every so often you come across a plant box like this and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. This box is just one spot over on the corner.

Yes, I'm still knitting and relaxing, that is the order for this week of holidays. Relax and bring the blood pressure down.

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