Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Our One Hike

The Flower of the Day

Indian Pipe
I was so excited spotting this plant on our Thursday hike. The flowers droop their head as they open and look like a pipe hence the name. Richard laughed at my excitement at finding this specimen.

We started our hike on a gravel path that was marked suitable for a wheelchair. There were several well beaten rough paths leading off of this main one. One of these side paths led to this decking where people could have a BBQ and secluded party.

This was part of the view from the decking area. To reach this spot we climbed over rocks and roots, not difficult for the average individual but a real challenge for me. I was not able to take the path that continued on from the area. Richard and I back tracked to the easy path. The following series of pictures are me working my way back, I might add, with no assistance. I was thrilled to say I managed it alone.

We checked all the other rough paths from the easy one only to be turned back because of the steep grade, which I could not manage. After leaving this area we ventured into the primitive camping sites and tried other trails. As we hiked we slowly ascended above Grand Marais campgrounds to eventually have this view of the harbour. During our many shots of the view a yacht came sailing into the harbour this is the one for your enjoyment.

During our explorations of the areas surrounding the campgrounds we came across this wonderful area of Fireweed, Tansy, Daisies and tall grasses. I wanted you all to see how tall the plants had grown so Richard kindly went behind them and stood, he is 6 foot 3 inches. (A flower amongst flowers!)

I found quite a few varieties of flowers to photograph. We were hiking for a good 2 hours afterwards I felt so good, but tired. I've come a long way with my walking since September 2000 when I first had a below-the-knee amputation. Most of the credit goes to Richard for his encouragement; and for buying me the hiking poles that have given me so much more freedom.

This picture does not do justice to what I was seeing; the green of the Tansy, beige grass and then the grey of the almost dead tree. I could not resist taking a photograph of the effect.

Thursday night the moon was beautiful reflecting on the harbour waters. The whole scene was peaceful. God had provided just what we needed to relax and de-stress.

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