Friday, 15 August 2008

Wyneken's Freedom

Flower of the Day

Evening Primrose

Wednesday was another day to sit, knit and read. Richard to time to go to the Pump House and work out. He purchased a 10 day pass as it worked out cheaper than a daily pass, which would net expire for a year. He also went for a swim in Lake Superior when he arrived back home.

We decided to let Wyneken out for a roll in the dirt. We will probably live to regret the descision but it was so cute to watch him. Of course I did not think to do a video of his actions until he had had enough.

Even with my cuting part of his face off he still looks cute!

Here he is resting after his roll.

After we finished eating our evening meal we went for our walk around the camp grounds. This was another restful day.

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