Saturday, 26 June 2010

Liquid Sunshine

After leaving Greenfield we turned our noses towards Grand Marais.  This has to be our favourite place to spend a relaxing vacation.  Monday night we parked at the Superior 24hr Walmart.  This Walmart is the one that Richard really likes to shop at.  As usual we headed into the store to peruse their wares.  I was disappointed there was nothing that said 'try me on'.  Richard had far better luck than I did, finding cargo shorts and jeans at clearance prices and a few more t-shirts.  I decided I was too tired to wander the shop anymore and headed back to the motor home leaving Richard shopping for groceries and anything else he felt we could not do without.

The following morning we were back on the road traveling the last leg of our journey to Grand Marais.  The excitement being when Richard realized we were just about out of gas.  We turned into the next town, which just happened to be the same town where we waited to have a tire replaced after blowing one of our back duel  tires three or four years ago. 

You maybe asking yourself why the title 'Liquid Sunshine' well we hit rain just before Superior since then we have had rain every day.  When we arrived at the camp ground we did our usual drive along the front to see if there were any lake front spots open.  We were a little disappointed that there were no free sites on that side of the camp ground, we accepted 50W which faces the playground and basketball hoop. 

Here we are set up in our spot ready for sunshine.  Once we had set up our neighbours asked us if we were hoping for sunshine, we had put all the awnings out.  They told us the weather had been awful with rain just about every day, they spend their summers here but live in Arizona in the winter. 

Wednesday morning was bright and the sun was shinning, we decided to head out to visit Harriet up at her place of business, Superior RV shop, and also her home.  This is quite a walk for me there is a steep incline out of the campgrounds and then a steady rise out of town towards Harriet's place.  Richard said it was about a mile.

This picture does not give a true impression on how steep this incline is, this is on the way back from Harriet's  she was not home so we had to walk back I must admit I was quite tired after wards.

This is the decent back to the camp grounds.  I was beginning to really struggle by this point.  Hills and slopes are not my favourite type of walking, having no ankle it is a struggle to maneuver up and down them.

Once back I spent a short while sitting under the awning reading, taking advantage of the sun while it lasted.  While sitting there I looked across to the playground and saw three rabbits playing chase and managed to capture this picture of them, the third one is by the ladder to the slide.  They kept me amused for quite some time before scurrying off into the long grass at the edge of the grounds.

Tuesday morning we had a visit from Dennis and made arrangements to go out to dinner with him and Sandra.  Thursday the day was clear again and we walked into town.  I love the harbour and took yet another picture of the tranquil site of the boats slowly bobbing on the water.  Dennis also popped by on Thursday morning to arrange for our dinner outing for Friday evening. 

We are taking advantage of the sun there has been more rain than anything else since we have been here.  Wednesday night Richard had to get up at 3:00 am to put the main awning up as the wind was really blowing the last thing we want is a torn awning. 

Last night we went for dinner with Dennis and Sandra, the meal was good the company even better.  They told us this is the most relaxed they have ever seen us in all the years we have been coming to Grand Marais which is about six years now.  They are really happy for us that Richard now has a congregation that truly appreciates him and fits him so well.  Even though I find work frustrating I too am no where near as stressed as I have been in past years.

Today the sun is shinning and I hope to take a walk along the short trail just beyond the camp grounds.  Richard is hoping the rain holds off and this afternoon he will take a swim in the harbour out to the light house and back.  Our neighbours have asked us to let them know when he plans to do this as they want to watch.  Most people do not believe that anyone would choose to swim in Lake Superior because it is so cold.

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