Monday, 28 June 2010

The Nature Trail

Richard and I have walked this short nature trail in other years but I wanted to have a walk and chose this route.  It is located at the end of the campground and actually the easiest of the three walks that are indicated on the board at the head of the trail.  As you know from past years I like to take pictures of the flowers that grow in these areas.

This is a flowering raspberry or thimble berry.

The views of Lake Superior are quite wonderful, the waters on Saturday were very calm and very relaxing.

This is one of the spots along the trail that overlook the Lake.  This rustic bench and potted geranium have been placed there in memory of and individual.  I took the time to sit and adjust my leg before continuing on our leisurely walk.

This was a little of the beaten track and meant I had to negotiate some challenging, for me,  rock clambering.  Richard left me to find my own footing which worked out a lot better than the last time we traversed this section in 2008 when he suggested where I should place my hiking poles and feet.  Once at the clearing Richard found this flower for me (I don't know it's name).
Richard couldn't resist and went further than the outlook where I stopped, there was no way I could clamber over these rocks to the spot where you see him standing.

Here he is working his way back to where I was waiting.
This is one of the area's that I had to negotiate, the rock was about a 2' 6" high step up, but I managed to find notches for my foot and spots to place my poles so I could navigate up and then of course back down on our return to the main trail.  Richard was supposed to have taken a short video of me while I managed this feat but I'm not sure what he did but it was not on the card when I downloaded the pictures.

This was a pretty area of bunch berry or dwarf dogwood, there was a lot of this along the trail but I liked the way the spruce branch partially covered the area.

We tried to get a better picture of the bluebells but all the pictures were blurred as was the one of the buttercup.

I was pleased with myself accomplishing the extra side trips that were a bit more of a challenge than just the nature walk which is graveled for ease of walking.  I'm no where near in the condition I was in in 2008 when we did quite a bit of hiking in this area.

I enjoyed our walk and the rain kept away for most of the day.

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