Thursday, 24 June 2010


I know I said I would write about our trip but I found some pictures that I meant to add to my blog.

This is the chair I have been sitting in for the past 10+ years.  When we sold our home in Edmonton after Richards graduation from seminary we replaced a good majority of our furniture most I had had since the children were babies.  My chair became a problem after my amputation.  It was too low and too deep.  I used to have a cushion on the seat as well as the one you see at the back.  This meant I could get in and out of the chair a lot easier.

I eventually took the seat cushion off but needed the one at my back.  If you have a Lazyboy you will know that they tend to make you sag (relax) into them, that being said I had become to relax too much and hence my posture suffered.  I still had trouble standing up once I was seated in the chair but did not want to put the cushion back on the seat, anyway that cushion was now at the church because I find the pews are too low and cause other problems, but that's maybe another blog.

 This is how I looked once seated, as you can see my posture is very bad and although I look comfortable I still found it difficult to stand up once seated.  Our cats loved this chair because it meant I had plenty of lap for them to sit on and they could stretch out comfortably while I used the computer, sewed, read or just watched TV.

After a lot of shopping and testing chairs we finally came to one that would really work.  Believe it or not the whole chair and foot stool fit into this one box. I was at work when Richard put the chair and stool together, which may have been a good thing!

This is what we purchased to replace the Lazyboy.  It doesn't look as comfortable and took me sometime to get used to.  Our cats were not happy and chose not to sit on my lap for the first week or so.  As you can see the seat is not as deep the back is more upright if I need to put my feet up then I have the stool.  I am now used to the glider, I am able to get out of it a lot easier than I could the Lazyboy.  I have no need for extra cushions and the room looks bigger without the larger chair.

There is a down side to the new chair, I can't hide all my stuff as well as I could behind the other chair, but it means then I have to have less stuff around me and keep things a lot tidier.  To solve the lap problem we purchased a free standing table that fits over my legs and means that our cats can sit on my lap when they want to.  We kept the Lazyboy for several weeks to make sure I was really comfortable with the new chair, once I decided that this was the right way to go we sold the Lazyboy to a parishioner who needed one for her son whose old one was in bad shape and was in a care home where he needed to supply his own chair.

I must admit there are times when I miss my Lazyboy but when you have a tiny living room, as we do, you can't keep extra furniture.  It is great to be able to get in and out of a chair now though.

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