Thursday, 24 June 2010

Our Neighbours (for a week)

The Catechetical Academy hold their annual Symposium beginning the third Wednesday in June.  We have been traveling down to it as often as possible since 2000.  The first year we met the Koch family, since then we have stayed with them each time we've attended the symposium.  They have become family to us.  This year was no exception.  We arrived in our Motor Home on Tuesday and proceeded to set up home outside Aaron and Laura's, becoming neighbours for a week.

While in Greenfield Laura and Aaron, as their schedule permits, take us to the various stores we like to visit.  This trip was no different we went to the 2nd hand book store, checked out some of the other stores in the strip mall including one called Tuesday Morning.  There were all sorts of interesting items to be found and many at very reasonable prices.

Wednesday evening was the opening Divine Service for the Symposium.  The church is always full the singing is wonderful to say nothing of the service itself which is always enlightening with much food for thought.  After the service there is a reception in the school hall, where we meet friends we have made over the years and make new friends.  It was great to see a fellow Canadian Pastor and his wife (Dave and Lise) attending, usually Richard and I are the only Canadians who attend.

Thursday and Friday morning are the actual sessions where we listen to various speakers.  This years topic was on the first article of the creed "I believe in God the Father almighty maker of heaven and earth."  I enjoy the sessions and learn much during that time.  Friday afternoon is the Bratwurst BBQ, where we take time visiting with everyone.

These few days are pretty hectic so there is not much time for us to spend with the Koch family.  Friday night we sat down and played "Fluxx" a new game for the family but one Richard and I enjoy.  On Saturday Laura dropped us off at JC Penney's where we shopped for clothes for both Richard and myself.  This has become a tradition for us, when we are in the States we always go to JC Penney's to shop, it is one place we know we can buy clothes that fit Richard.  Hannah and Mary were working at Taco Place so we went there and had our lunch before shopping some more.

Saturday evening we went to 'Bekah's new home and played bowling on their Wii.  This was a lot of fun.  It is amazing what you learn about people when you play games with them.  I'm always shocked at how grown up Aaron and Laura's children are.  Bekah is now married and has a little one of her own.

I had every intention of taken pictures during our stay in Greenfield but kept forgetting my camera so on Saturday and Sunday we made up for it and took the following pictures.

Bekah is practicing a new wrap that she bought to hold Jacob in when she is shopping.  There are several ways of wrapping the cloth around ones self to carry your child in different positions.  It looked very comfortable and Jacob was quite content being snuggled close to his Mom.

This a better picture where you can see Jacob cocooned against his mother.

Hannah and Mary helping clean the dishes up after our Saturday spaghetti supper.

Getting a picture of Laura is extremely hard to do and you have to catch her unaware, sorry Laura this is not the best picture of you.  You can see Bekah with Jacob, she was showing her Mom how the new wrap worked.

Aaron at the computer working.

Sunday was Father's day, once the gifts were open by Gabe (Bekah's husband) and Aaron they were able to BBQ shish kabobs, which were really good.  Missing from this picture are Laura (someone had to take the picture) and Philip, who had left during the week to attend a wedding.

Here is Laura, not happy because I took this just as... well never mind... but I think it is a nice picture of her.

It was a great visit we were not rushed to leave and decided rather than dash off after Divine Service on Sunday we would wait until Monday morning.  This was a great visit as always.  I know Aaron feels he is too busy during this particular week but we always enjoy our stay with his family and we keep up with them and all their news even when we aren't visiting.

Thank you Aaron, Laura, Bekah, Phil, Hannah and Mary for allowing us to be part of your family.

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Laura said...

Ah...the joy of being able to post things on your blog. ;) It is fun to hear about your trip from your perspective. Keep the pictures coming!