Friday, 11 July 2008


Flower of the Day

Cow Parsnip

Brule River is in Judge C.R. Maney State Park. We walked an extra spur to take in all the wild flowers and see where the Brule River flows into Lake Superior.

The trail was fairly easy to negotiate. With lots of stops to take pictures of the flowers and River.

Cow Parsnip can grow to as much as eight feet tall. At this point of the trail it was beginning to get pretty overgrown.

This is the end of the River where it flows into Lake Superior. It looks so peaceful at this point; yet a mile up stream it's raging over rocks. On each trail we've been on, we've been amazed at how the rushing water masks the sound of traffic on the highway.

We did this hike in the morning as the weather isn't too great today. After the rain in the early afternoon, Richard and I played mini golf. Not as much fun as we would usually have. I guess we both are realising that our holiday is coming to an end. Tomorrow we leave Grand Marais and will park in Grande Portage a couple of miles south of the Canada/USA border. Then Saturday we will be home again. Holidays are always too short!

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