Tuesday, 8 July 2008


The Flower of the Day

Pink Pyrola

This trail follows Lake Superior's shoreline, offering commanding views of the greatest of the Great Lakes. The vivid orange lichen is to be seen through the trees. This lichen, when the sun is on it, looks like burnished brass.

The trail is fairly level with some exposed roots, rocks and holes. Due to all the rain this year there were often soggy areas.

I found a convenient rock on which to sit and adjust my prosthetic leg. The area gave us a clear view of the Lake and the rocky shoreline.

As the hike was gentler than the last one there was plenty of opportunity to check out and snap pictures of the various flowers and plants. Here you see Bunchberry or Dwarf Dogwood.

To our left was the highway, taken at the right angle, this looks like a meadow of daisys.

To our right is Lake Superior in all is vastness and beauty. This hike is 2.1 miles as a round trip. As I was beginning to feel some discomfort, we felt it better to walk back to the car via the highway. Richard ran on ahead to bring the car to me. I walked about 1.5 miles, considering the pain suffered after the last hike we felt it prudent to have me not complete this hike.

You will be pleased to know that I have suffered no ill effects from doing another hike. Tomorrow (today) we move into Grande Marais to take up residence in the town's RV park.

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