Thursday, 10 July 2008


The Second Flower of the Day

One-flowered Wintergreen

Also called Wood Nymth. A miniature plant with a rosette of evergreen leaves at the base of the flower stem. These few plants were growing in a patch of moss.

My surprise from Richard; a Wild Flower Sanctuary. This was a very short trail but meandering, with lots of obstacles for me to clamber over and under. It would have been very disappointing if we had gone here first; as there was very little in bloom. The labels for the various plants had not been renewed, many were hard to read or completely blank.

A glimpse of Devil Track River which the hike gets its name from.

Although this is not a flower, it is a very impressively coloured fungi. I will have to search for the name once home. When I first spotted this through the trees, it looked like a piece of garbage.

Another shot of the Wood Nymph, Richard is holding a bloom up so we can see the face of the flower.

This is the only sanctuary of local flora on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is the sort of place you would want to return to at different times of the year just to see the various flowers that bloom there.

I look forward to seeing what Richard has in mind for tomorrow (today).

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