Saturday, 5 July 2008


The Flower of the Day
Tall Meadow Rue (Buttercup Family)
We took in the 4th of July parade in Tofte, just a very small community. The parade consisted of various emergency vehicles, local businesses and vintage cars.
There were to usual candy floss, home made fish and chips, mini donuts, beer. Other attractions consisted of dump tank, balloon toss and a few local craft people selling their wares.
The weather was great for the occasion, mildly overcast, a light breeze, minimum amount of sunshine.
After the parade we headed back to our camp spot at Pastor Shuttes and Sandra's place where we have been parked since Monday afternoon.

For the evening supper Richard used the BBQ to cook us fresh meat. You also have the opportunity of seeing the new trim Richard.

So there you have it our July 4th activities. The hiking was given a miss and due to circumstances later probably a good thing.

Later in the evening I started with terrible electric shock phantom pain that ran down the back of my right leg to under my heel (which of course I no longer have). These types of pain usually last a few hours and by morning have completely gone. This time was different. The pains lasted for about half-an-hour with a short prelude to take a nap before the next onslaught. By 2:00 a.m. I could take the pain no longer and took a large dose of codeine, to no avail.

Next we tried going out for a walk. It was pitch black, no moon, the stars were amazing though. All the time we walked I had no occurrence of pain so we went back to our RV for sleep. No sooner had I begun to get ready for bed and the pains started again.

I slept very little, fighting tears of frustration and pain. By 7:00 this morning Richard was up and phoned the hospital in Grande Marais to see if he could bring me in to see a Doctor. There was not much he could do other than prescribe some fast acting pain killer, and recommend that I take today to rest. The pain killers work killing those awful shooting pain. I shall take advantage of this calm phase and sleep.

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Laura said...


I hope you are feeling better today. celebrate July 4th up there? It is a nice time to have a parade...wait, are you in the states? Tell that pastor's family I am saddened to hear you are parked near their home. I thought we were the only ones. I hope you are behaving yourselves! Laura....oh and I would comment on Richard's picture, but I am a married woman. (Whispering...he looks GREAT!):)